“Fishnets have found a way to make a comeback and it looks like they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Ladies if you haven’t already it’s about time to get into them.’’

I remember laying on my bed going through my Instagram timeline and coming across ‘’the new trend’’ from the likes so of Emma-jane (@emmajanementeath) and Nyane Lebajoa (@nyanelebajoa) and wondering if fishnets-tights are actually making a comeback. This made sense because winter is just around the corner in the southern hemisphere.

 Whether you rocked them in the 80s and took them with you into the 90s, fishnets had a tough rep to contend with as either raunchy or provocative and definitely taboo for a 90s teenager. Fishnets may have made a comeback but I highly doubt distressed bootlegs will make it this time. From AW 16/17 runways to street fashion, fashion lovers, creative inventions and Instafeeds, I am inspired and in love.

The way to conquer this trend is to treat fishnets (socks or tights) as an added accessory. Start off by wearing a size too big, as they’re not stretchy as opaque’s. For some contrasted-edge; play peek-a-boo through ripped jeans or juxtapose with a
mini skirt and sneakers instead of heels.