When it comes to wearing sweatpants you have two options: really go for it and put together a full chic look and wear an outfit that includes a pair of glorified sweatpants or you can choose the slacker way out. Cut from sequins, cashmere, or even leather, upscale joggers mean you’ll look fully put together.

Now there’s no reason not to be comfortable, and you don’t have to show any form of regret when reaching for an extra helping of wine and pie. Here are 3 ways to wear sweats to lunch or dinner, I promise you’ll toss an extra ‘thanks’ my way!

Look 1. Winter Festive Look
Balance the almost too-cool vibes of your sequin pants with a plaid shirt. Choose pumps and a chic clutch and throw a fabulous fur coat over your shoulders while you at it.

I am a fan of leather jogging pants so you should be too. Style them with a billowy blouse, dangly earrings, and high-heels for an outfit that’s equal parts dressed up and comfortable.

 LOOK 3.
If you want to make it look like you put in at least a little bit of effort, add some polish to cashmere sweats with a sharp blazer, loafers, and a beret.