For those of you heading up to the MalutiMountains for the first time, you may find yourselves wondering through a strange white cold sand is and luckily for you the Afriski Winterfest (7th – 10th of June 2018) will be full of it and all the fun that comes with it. Here are a couple of reasons why you and the snow will get along just fine at this year’s Afriski Winterfest.

Snow Angels
Picture the scene. You’ve had a too many Maluti’s, and you find yourself flat on your back in the snow. You wave your arms and legs wildly, trying to get up. Eventually, a friendly fellow Winterfester pities you and gives you a hand. And there, where you lay, another snow angel has just got its wings.

Snow Cones
Let’s pretend for a second that it isn’t a little unhygienic to shove wild snow into your mouth. Cleanliness aside, the possibilities are endless! Imagine a homemade snow cone mixed with your favourite flavours. Orange juice, strawberry, vodka… the choice is yours!

Cold War II
Anyone for a game of “Who can lie in the snow the longest?” Simply strip down to your underwear, lie on the snow and when someone asks you what on earth you’re doing, say “I bet I can lie here longer than you” and with that, your very own cold war II begins and lifelong friendships are made.

Snuggling Saves Lives
Snow days are perfect days to get your cuddle on. Now is your chance to walk up to that cutie you’ve been eyeing all weekend and explain to her the benefits of cuddling together in cold weather.

Snowball Fights
We saved this one for last because that’s precisely where it should be on your list of things to do, last. Throwing snowballs will leave you happy, a little worn out and quite cold, so it’s best you put this at the end of your to-do list so that the next thing you can look forward to is getting warm on the dancefloor.

There is absolutely no reason for you to miss out on the Afriski Winterfest season opener this year. Three days of music and snowy madness. Afriski Winterfest Season opener will take place first from 7th – 10th of June 2018. Tickets and packages are available now.