The price of petrol has gone up AGAIN and we’re already a little strapped for cash even though it’s still the first week of the month. Here are a few ways to go where you need to go and save a little petrol in the process. Remember: Lighter on the accelerator is lighter on your pocket.

  1. Always try to drive in a higher gear, the lower the gear, the more petrol you use.
  2. Time the robots so that you don’t have to come to a complete stop. When you do accelerate from a complete stop you use more petrol than when you’re in motion.
  3. Service your car regularly and try to avoid using the aircon.
  4. Keep your windows closed so not to avoid air resistance and check your tyre pressure.
  5. Travel at a regular speed and avoid traffic and congestion at all costs.
  6. Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your car.
  7. Though you won’t save time by sticking to the speed limit, you’ll be saving money and you’ll be a lot safer on the roads.
  8. No unnecessary trips. Your car isn’t a taxi and if your friends what to go somewhere, then they should agree to drive next time, or they should help you fill up! It’s only fair!