When genetics catch up with you in your early twenties and thirties and you start losing your hair, slowly but surely those dreaded bald spots become part of your reality and there is nothing you can do but shave it all off! This is a common condition that a lot of men have to deal with and some choose to let their hair grow to cover up those balding spots. However, whether you’re brand conscious and have an active social schedule or not, you have to maintain appearances and embrace the act of shaving.

I was used to shaving my face from as early as my high school days, but losing my crown was something I had to come to terms with and at the same time finding a way of taking care of my skin. I’ve tried many different methods of getting rid of the unaffected hair and to keep my skin healthy, so I have comfortably embraced the look that I have indistinguishably become recognised for – my bald head!

I’ve been let down by creams, cut by razors, and at times I’ve left home half-done! So, I’ve had to learn the hard way when it comes to grooming habits. It takes a good routine and a combination of items not only get the best shave but also to avoid ingrown hairs on my face, a problem a lot of us struggle with.

It’s time to leave that cap, hat or beret at home and embrace the Sorbet Man technique that you can use in the comfort of your bathroom or at your closest Sorbet Man store.  It all starts with a hot towel to soften the hairs and open your pores before you start shaving. It might take a little longer to do at home, but no other routine has worked better. The Sorbet Man pre-shave beard oil is a top priority especially because it reduces the discomfort and friction of the blade or electric shaver on your skin. (Sorbet Man have 3 brilliant Hot Towel Shaves All starting from R220)

One thing I never underestimate is a good shaving gel. Apply the Sorbet Man shaving gel and let your electric shaver do all the work. Then add some more gel to give your face and head a close, smooth shave. If you’re visiting a store, ask your favourite barber how you can take care of your skin post-shaving.

We’re all different, but you can’t go wrong with the basics. The Sorbet Man Post Shave Balm will keep any bumps at bay and the Face Moisturiser with SPF 15 is compact and portable enough to carry around and use daily. Looking after your face and head will prevent any unwanted irritation or discomfort in the future. It’s time to embrace shaving and let the baldness become a part of your style.