Nothing beats the lockdown blues quite like watching a good movie. A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, the film adaptation of the notorious 2003 bestseller with the same name by James Frey, is now showing on DStv Box Office and will definitely leave you with a lot to think about.

The motion picture, directed and adapted by acclaimed director Sam Taylor-Johnson, offers a realistic look at how a 23 year-old man pulls himself back from the brink of self-destruction during his time at a rehabilitation centre in Minnesota.

After waking up on a plane with a smashed up face and no memory of the past few weeks, James heads to rehab where he discovers much more than detox and therapy. As he endures the white-knuckle journey of mending his broken body, he heals his broken soul by connecting with an interesting array of kindred spirits who also yearn and fight for a better life.

While A MILLION LITTLE PIECES doesn’t hold back from displaying the harsh and horrible realities of addiction, it is not only a study of addiction, but also of recovery, love, friendship and hope.