GHD is one of the leading hair stylers throughout the world today. They have amazing products ranging from Hairdryers, curlers and of course their most famous, their straighteners. What is truly amazing about their products is that they can be used on different hair types, styles and lengths.

GHD is one product that doesn’t damage hair. The secret is that they keep ahead of the demand, they have ever-evolving technology and they make sure to be at least one step ahead of other brands.

The new GHD Technology is guaranteed to keep your hair healthier for longer. The GHD Gold has two sensors that make sure the device doesn’t get too hot, they’re designed to stay at 185 degrees which is the perfect temperature to minimize damage and create great styles. Many other brands claim that choosing your temperature is better for you as you can turn the heat up so that styling becomes faster and have a lower heat to minimize damage, however, GHD engineers argue the opposite, that having the different temperature options maximizes damages.

Right now, the 70’s hair is making a comeback, the golden waves, the middle paths, crimping, and many other looks that were made famous by 70’s icons. This is the newest fad to take over our ever revolving style. Big curls, funky styles and golden accents will be in this season, so embrace it as much as possible. For some inspirational ideas, click here to learn from the GHD professionals and to find out how to achieve your perfect hair goals.