I’ve always wanted to take a ride in a helicopter. It’s been one of those experiences that have seemed to always hover in my head, close enough to see but quite out of reach, or so I thought. Needless to say, I was wrong.

Taking a flight in a helicopter is something everyone should try once at least, especially when you get the chance to experience a breath-taking tour of the city, you then realise how majestic it really is. It’s so different in comparison to a plane where everything is too far to appreciate and you’d really be lucky on a clear day and you can see all the tiny things on the ground from your little window, if you even get to sit there.

In a helicopter you’ve got a front row seat to an exhilarating experience of not only the mechanical side, where you can see and feel everything the pilot does, but also to take in the perspective of the urban jungle through the large windows on every side even those at your feet.

If you’re interested or looking to give someone an amazing gift, there are companies that offer helicopter rides to the public, depending on what you’re looking for. Click here and I’ point you in the right direction.