Finding the strength to accept ones circumstances is not easy, but Adele Koolen takes it even farther. She has started the #IamEnoughZA campaign “to help everyone out there to face up to their challenges, no matter what they are, and say I AM ENOUGH”.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for South Africans?
… This whole idea that you need to fit into a certain box to be accepted by society.  There is still this perception for example that a woman must be married and have a bunch of children to be successful at being a woman, but as soon as said woman cannot or doesn’t want children or marriage, she has failed.  

It is time that we stop trying to fit into the mold that the societal norms have created and start to accept ourselves and our challenges first.  We need to realize that our circumstances, whether good or bad, do not define us as a person.  What defines you, is who you are at the core, kindness being the biggest one.  Stand up for who you are and be proud, and understand that you, just as you are, are enough.

How can the #IAmEnoughZA help change this? 
I believe that the campaign can have a snowball effect once people start speaking out and embracing who they are.  The moment they realize they are enough, is the moment when they find self-acceptance and self-love again.  

How will you be rolling out the campaign and what sort of response are you hoping to get?
During the month of February 2019, we will be inviting Celebrities and Influencers from all over South Africa to help create awareness for the campaign.  Each person will post a selfie on Instagram with their specific #IAmEnoughZA message, starting the conversation we believe would snowball into something massive.  

Confidence is not everyone’s strong suit, what can people do to improve their self-image or low self-esteem? ​
I think it’s very important to define what confidence is.  The misconception is that confident people are extroverts, more charismatic personalities, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Confidence is not a behavior or an emotion.  It’s a choice you make to persevere despite your circumstances. 

There are certain things in life that we cannot control or change, and that doesn’t make you a failure.  There is an answer to every problem, not always a great one, but an answer, nonetheless.  I still have my fair share of down days, believe me!  But when I listen to other people’s life stories, I realize mine isn’t all that bad.  There is always something to be thankful for.