One thing that always stands out about Tsogo Sun is their great service and impeccable standards. Having sampled some of the amazing auction wine on offer at the Tsogo properties, it’s clear that the price and quality cannot be beaten.

The food offering at the different restaurants at Tsogo properties excites me. There is always something new to try and the chefs are allowed to display their creativity on every plate. Having visited Luce at the Southern Sun in Hyde Park, I noticed how the winter offering is going to be a lot sweeter because every item is individually selected and placed on the menu to suit the offering at that property and to cater to the consumer.

Jacque Heath is the general manager at the Southern Sun Hyde Park believes that providing these limited quantities of auction wine to the public is something that they take pride in. Miguel Chan, the group sommelier added that choosing the wine is not an easy process, and keeping consistency on the menu and across their entire offering, especially within restaurants is very important.

There is no markup on action wines, their champagne is also supplied for your enjoyment, not their profit. The properties always intrigue me with their design and stunning facilities. If it were up to me, even if it was for drinks after a long day at the office, Tsogo Sun hotels are definitely at the top of my list.