South African born hair care brand, Biosense has joined forces with NGO cancer association, Pink Drive to lend a helping hand ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The brand has launched a Spoil Pink Box where they will be contributing 10% of all sales to the Pink Drive from now until end of October.

Biosense has been a South African brand for 20 years and has established itself as a house hold name in professional Haircare with salons and end consumers. The brand not only provides products that compete with the best international brands, they combine cutting edge science, local stories and the latest consumer trends.

PinkDrive NPC, a health sector NGO, was founded in 2009 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that “Early detection will help prolong a life.” PinkDrive’s cardinal purpose is to contribute meaningfully towards preventing as many people as it can, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer. Its primary focus is on citizens without access to reasonable care for these conditions, and who reside in areas where health services do not reach.

As a non-profit organisation, Pink Drive is always in need of assistance to maintain the amazing work they do. Biosense saw the importance of making a small difference that will go a long way.

“We are so excited about this initiative and really hope we will get the support we need to keep Pink Drive going. They are doing such important work with minimal support, any input will make a huge difference,” says Marketing Manager Megan McDonald.

The spoil box retails at R280.