When you think of the perfect amount of class and style, and you’d like to impress a family or your colleagues, there is no better combination Bisquit Cognac and Fitch & Leeds mixers.

Bisquit is best enjoyed at room temperature, the golden smooth cognac is perfectly served by letting it run over a block of ice and into the glass. The golden colour will entice you to take your first sip, but having it neat is not for everyone.

Combining Biquit V.S. with Fitch & Leedes mixers to create your own cocktails is the ideal way to satisfy that need for sophistication, to impress your friends and to be a little creative. Our team jumped at the opportunity and created a few signature drinks that reflect our individual tastes.

Adding herbs such as basil or rosemary add great colour and amazing notes to your drink. Fresh fruit is not just a great snack but adds a different flavour to your drink which expresses your personality. We added grapes, strawberries and orange slices with different herbs and different mixers. Whether you like the crisp taste of Indian Tonic, the sweetness of Ginger Ale or the convention of Lemon Aid, Fitch & Leeds gives you variety in the perfect quantity.

You’ll never know what really makes you tick until you try some of these amazing and simple combinations. We’d love to know what you’ve added to your cocktails. Share your combination with us on Twitter @theVibeZA and @BisquitSA.  Tag us on Facebook or on Instagram and enjoy your Bisquit and Fitch & Leedes moment.