When you think of Cognac, what comes to mind? Smooth sipping, good quality, ‘the perfect serve’ perhaps? One element that particularly stands out about a quality cognac is how it’s able to adapt and suit a variety of pallets. I want to enjoy my cognac my way, don’t you?

The cognac connoisseur would be seen enjoying his drink neat or with an ice-cube, but that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Recently Bisquit Cognac has been going against the grain to create an experience and encourage the mixability of the Bisquit VS. Connecting the brand to suit our taste is important. Whether you like it with tonic water, with some fruit or in a cocktail you can definably enjoy Bisquit VS your way.

Njongo Mpumlwana, Bisquit’s new brand manager has a few great ideas to take Bisquit to the next level. He isn’t someone who follows the crowd, he challenges convention and it’s clear that the brand is just as audacious as he is. He is a strong believer in the craftsmanship and quality of Bisquit and explains how everyone can enjoy the Bisquit journey:

Biquit VS can be used to experiment with, have it in a cocktail and enjoy the different flavour notes. Bisquit VSOP is meant to be enjoyed with an ice-cube or two, or just a little bit of water to release the flavour. Their premium cognac, the XO, is best enjoyed neat, at room temperature.

Bisquit is leading the way by making sure South Africans can set the stereotypical cigar lounge and formalities of other brands aside for you to enjoy Bisquit on your own terms.

Photos by: John Baloyi