Having been part of the exhibitor list at Keystone Comic Con and New York Comic Con 2018, Reed Exhibitions Africa is proud to announce the addition of the award-winning African American company Black Sands Entertainment to the Comic Con Africa and KidsCon lineup for 21-24 September 2019 at Gallagher estate in Midrand.

Black Sands Entertainment, established in 2016 by co-publisher and CFO Geiszel and creator Manuel Godoy, offers a collection of Pan-African books aimed at presenting more racial diversity. Their books and comics aim to empower youth with rich African legends, to normalise black excellence, and increase inclusion and attentiveness in schools around the world.

The company not only sold over 15,000 books nationwide in their first year, but Geiszel had major success with her children’s books Mori’s Family Adventures. She won an award for “Best Book Awards Finalist” from americanbookfest.com.

The Black Sands comic series tells a story about the greatest African legends in a shonen jump style that teens love. At Comic Con Africa this year, they will not only be present in the Artist Alley and stimulate audiences through their involvement on panel discussions, but they’ll also be hosting a screening.

Audiences are in for a treat as the company has received awards such a Hollywood Just4Shortz film festival selection, and Bleeding Cool nominated the comic series Black Sands (Kids 2 Kings) as the 4th best indie comic of 2017.

Reed Pop has commented that “In an industry that has struggled with diversity, it is so refreshing to see Black Sands creating work that is adding racial diversity while also providing some much-needed diverse storytelling to children of all ages. The combination of quality artwork and great characters is something that can be difficult to find among self-published comics which also makes Black Sands a valuable addition to our small press areas. We’re confident that Manuel and Geiszel will do well at our show and we look forward to working with them as they grow and continue to add a much-needed element to the pop-culture industry as a whole.”