When you walk through a hotels kitchen, the last thing you’d expect to find is an old walk-in freezer which has been converted into a dining room. This immaculately decorated space can comfortably seat 16 people at the table and still allow enough room for you to be served like royalty.

If you’ve never experienced a chefs table before, it should be the next item on your foodie bucket-list. It’s a culinary experience of note as every dish has been specially chosen and perfected for that night’s menu. You have seven courses, each dish more enticing than the last. This is when you realise that food is more than nourishment, but a form of art too.

Whether you do it privately, or whether you attend by invite, it’s phenomenal to be in a working kitchen, while an array of delicious dishes are served to you. The chefs behind this menu are young, talented individuals who are working hard to make it into the national Culinary Olympic team. The Olympics will be held in Germany between the 22nd and 25th of October and by the looks of things, we have quite a few skilled and passionate individuals who want to make SA proud!

If you’d like to break the mold and experience an evening like this, click HERE.