Dear Chocoholics, health conscious readers and those who always say “No thanks, I don’t have a sweet tooth”. Here’s something for us all because thanks to Chocoloza we’re finally in the same boat.

In a market saturated with sugar, we’re now able to enjoy a product that is new and unique to South Africa. It contains no preservatives and only the best Belgian chocolate. The hand-made pieces contain fresh ingredients which are sourced from local producers, adding to the incredible taste.

There are certain elements of chocolate that you cannot tamper with. But when it comes to design and creativity, they go all out with new forms, bright colours and interesting molds which you won’t find in just any store.

These chocolates are indulgent, accessible and are made as African as possible. They contain actual fruit pieces, and the offering depends on availability and is seasonal. You can watch them make these chocolates containing limes, granadillas, raspberries, Amarula and even ginger and honey. The menu is full of delectable treats and interesting items such as their cocoa tea for those looking for a milk and sugar-free option.

Chocoloza is based at 44 Stanley in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. If you’re particular about the strength of your coffee, try their dark or milk hot chocolates while you relax in the chocolate lounge. Alternatively, spoil someone special with a few pieces of incredible chocolate in a signature box.