An evolving society brings about an evolving mind-set. Though we’ve heard phrases like, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “If you are confident you are beautiful”, the reality of accepting and conceptualising these terms becomes difficult. We have different perspectives and understandings of the value and the worth that words such as ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’ and even ‘gorgeous‘ hold.

How do you relate to terms such as; hot, cute, adorable or even sweet? In what category do you place yourself? Does it matter how other people see you?

After speaking to a group of people of different ethnicities, genders and ages it became apparent that women would love to know that someone, or better yet anyone, thinks that they are beautiful. Majority of the men indicated that words such as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ would best describe the outward appearance of a woman at first glance and would not be the term used for someone that they are in love with.

With growing trends on social media, apps like Instagram have ultimately changed the rules of the game. Women are competing to obtain likes and comments. They’d double up on the filters, downloading apps to enhance breasts and or their butt, just to feel ‘validated’.

Women have indicated that they still want to be treated with respect and be adored from head to toe and most definitely do not want to be referred to as cute, pretty or sweet. One woman highlighted that she wants to be seen as sexy from a distance, but to the guy who approaches her she needs to be the only person he sees, so breath-taking that he’d simply be lost for words.

Simple words can cause havoc if not used at the right time or to the right person. Beauty has no boundaries and no set definition. Remember to identify and acknowledge someone’s personality and character even when they might not fit your definition of ‘beauty’.

There is power in the words we use and if we take the time to be mindful of how we approach people and how we make others feel we are able to encourage anyone and give them hope. It takes one random act of kindness to heal the world of misconceptions and change a nation one person at a time.