If you’re not a fan of sweet sparkling wines, this beautiful rosé is the perfect addition to any event, celebratory or even just an afternoon spent in great company. 

Da Luca, sparkling wines, the vibe za, cheap champagne,With a price point under R100, Da Luca Sparkling Rosé is imported from the Veneto region in Northern Italy and is quickly becoming a local favourite. 

Da Luca is perfect for cocktails, but enjoying the soft fully rounded fruity flavours is definitely recommended. You don’t have to strain your pocket or compromise on quality when you’re looking to enjoy the finer things in life because you don’t have to worry about catering to too many pallets as this sparking wine is ideal for everyone. 

The best way to understand the product is to get your hands on a bottle and let us know what you think about this taste of Italy. You’ll most probably leave your favourite bottle of wine with the cashier once you’ve given this a try.  

Da Luca, sparkling wines, the vibe za, cheap champagne,