When I was first introduced to Coenraad De Molit was at his studio and with the social season and Fashion Week approaching, they were all-systems-go! Coenraad started De Mil in 1996 then reinvented the brand and went into menswear in 2006 when he launched De Mil at SA Fashion Week.

Now, 21 years later, his perfectionist nature and drive are still evident in his work. The aspects he believes are needed to run a successful label are strong pattern constructions, belief in your product, an excellent production team and naturally financial backing or in Coenraad’s case, creative ideas to generate the funds.

Thanks to the product development company Coenraad created, where he develops and produces other designers products for the commercial market locally and internationally, he has the freedom to create his own ranges with total freedom.

De Mil is inclusive, liberal and each piece makes a statement! The Summer 2017 range was designed for the free-thinking individual who don’t accept gender restriction and for someone who is ready to embrace a ‘new world’. He embraces the notion of being true to yourself and not to the conventions set out by society.

His new collection is made up of beautiful pieces that are not gender specific, it is a range inspired by men but for everyone to wear. His forward thinking has seen him grow from strength to strength, especially being a person who always remembers that he is only as good as his last garment. Hard work and humility are on top of his priority list, two concepts not conventionally used so close together, but Coenraad is the exception and we’re excited to see what he does next!