It’s always difficult to find reliable and experienced people to come and help with things around the house. Life happens and when those big and small items need attending to, it’s good to know that the ASH (Always so Handy) group will cover all your DIY and home needs. 

Because masses of people have been left disappointed or scammed by contractors, the ASH group has come into the market looking to not only change the experience clients are having, but also produce the best quality work possible. 

The most common problems people face are working with the wrong people. “In our industry we have given a name to these guys, “The Bakkie Brigade”, contractors who lurk around DIY stores luring unsuspecting victims into giving them their money and then disappearing with it.” Half done, shoddy work, “then of course we have the regular culprits, water damage, mould, rusty hinges and just plain old age, a lot of the times we stumble on homes with kitchens still done in the 80’s and 90’s and in need of an upgrade. 

What’s great is that they don’t have a call-out of consultation fee. “We still do obligation free quotations and site visits, in and around the entire Gauteng and surroundings. To us its about the relationship you build with your client first and then the formalities later.”

One of their specialities is custom projects like building kitchens, but strange requests probably from part of the package also. “I can safely say we have an element of custom in almost every single project we do, and yes we have had our fair share of the weird requests.  Strangest I must say was a kitchen we done for a client with nearly 4 meter high ceilings, they wanted cabinetry from the floor to the roof. After hours of trying to explain how such high cabinets will never be practical, the client got what they wanted and half way through our installation realised they would need ladders to utilise their kitchen fully.”

No matter your needs, it’s better to call a pro before handing it to a budget contractor who’ll end up disappointing you. A quote could only cost you some time, but calling the ASH group will give more peace of mind and value for money, than anything else.