After what seemed to be a quiet 2017 dedicated to personal growth, DreamTeam is happy to release exciting new music to eager fans over the next few days!

The Hip Hop duo, now consisting of Saso and Trey, released the remix to the their 2017 single Sosha – featuring SA hip hop giant Reason and Ambitious Records’ EMTEE the Hustla! The single; Sosha – a BLAZING retake on the song made by DreamTeam, introduces the group as a duo; with Dash no longer part of the team.

DreamTeam address the rumours on the split saying; “For us, it will always be about music, that has been our focus and that will never change” said, Trey. “Yeah, we’re extremely excited to fully showcase and reassure our fans on what DreamTeam is all about. The best way to do that is to keep bringing music to the fans – that’s what we are all about!” said Saso, as the duo now details the departure of Dash from the group.

“We still have a lot to do and achieve in this music industry, and we are full steam ahead with that in mind. The Sosha remix with Reason and Emtee is the first single we are dropping this week, with another single featuring Donald next week” said Saso. “We are equally excited for what Dash will be doing on his own and we fully support all his moves and plans. We are brothers first before being entertainers in this industry and that won’t change!” Trey said in closing.

DreamTeam has assured fans that they can get excited for a wave of new music from the group this year, a pending tour in a few months, and incredible Dubane Spring Break to be announced for September 2018!