Earthsap, is an eco-friendly and proudly South African brand which makes use of organic formulas to help conserve the eco system.  They also produce household product as well as items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and facial products to make your bathroom rituals a pleasant experience.

I used the chemical-free men’s body products which included the Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash, and the results changed my view on “organic products”. Before using Earthsap, I believed in products that had a good scent not knowing the harsh chemicals used to produce the product. When I started Earthsap I noticed that the product uses some of my favorite natural ingredients like; coconut oil, cinnamon, cloves and aniseed to name a few. In total the product makes use of 11 different natural ingredients, making the product biodegradable.

I was pleasantly surprised to to see a change in my skin, it started to feel soft and it releaved my body from toxins that I never even knew I had. Earthsap purified and rejuvenated my skin, and my hair started looking healthier and feeling softer. The product makes use of ingredients that helps stimulate the growth of hair like coconut oil. I suffered from hair thinning and hair loss ever since I coloured my hair, I was told to use a product that maintained the colour, help protect my hair and maintain its natural oils, which was expensive and in actual fact contributed to hair breakage and hair loss. When I came across Earthsap and gave it a try, it helped my hair in terms of texture, growth and surprisingly maintained the colour. I thought since earthsap is a natural product it would be expensive, when in actual fact it was considerably cheap and in some instances half the price of the other hygiene products on the market.

I would recommend Earthsap to any potential customers, because the product actually lives up to its name which is protecting not only our body from harsh chemicals, but conserving the earth and ecosystem. This proudly South African product is improving and evolving daily, by discovering new formulas that are effective and eco-friendly.

By Kenton Herborn