Off the back of a global Black Lives Matter movement and the recent gender-based violence that has gripped the country this week, Elo Zar’s Bophelo music video feature Kommanda Obbs is the visual anthem the country needs.

Amidst injustice and the financial hardships spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the song’s tag line, “Bophelo ha bo easy – Life is hard” has been an appropriate one, however, the Bophelo music video shows that we are stronger than our circumstances and have a resilient fighting power within us.

Using boxing Gogos to depict not only our resilience as a country but the resilience of Black women, Elo Zar’s Bophelo music video if a must watch. Having premiered exclusively on Trace Africa yesterday, the Bophelo music video is now live on YouTube.

On how the Bophelo music video narrative came about, Tebogo Malope shares: “We drew inspiration from the song itself, a homage to people facing some difficulty in life yet keep their heads up and continue fighting. It is in these trying times an anthem like this carries more resonance. The rationale was how do we visually showcase this. The idea of super powered boxing Grannies was birthed.”

Elo Zar adds: “I grew up to dream about the might that lies in being a woman and found myself frustrated with the norms in which women have been defined. I started fantasizing about turning these norms on their head and imagined a society where the old women only grew stronger as they aged both mentally and physically. I hope that we as women, after bearing kids and giving off so much of ourselves, allowed ourselves to become stronger and fight the expected weakness that death and time tend to dangle against us. That we learn to empower ourselves for ourselves in health, education, leadership and will.”