GOLIATH AND GOLIATH along with UJ Arts & Culture is pleased to announce, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – A CONFERENCE FOR MEN. The conference will commence on Friday 14 February 2020 at 2pm, at the UJ Arts Centre.

Given the devastating series of events that highlighted the suffering of women and girls specifically, and their plight for justice, GOLIATH AND GOLIATH and UJ Arts & Culture are joining hands to educate men and society at large in promoting respectful relationships at a non-profitable, all-men conference where women will be sharing their experiences and men will be listening and processing these experiences. The best way to end gender based violence is to prevent it from happening in the first place – and this is exactly what GOLIATH AND GOLIATH and UJ Arts & Culture strives towards.

Kate Goliath, Managing Director at GOLIATH AND GOLIATH maintains her stance that, “The time has come to make a change, to use our voices, our strengths and unwavering bravery and start from scratch. This cannot continue to be ignored. We are tired, and we will not be next.

“Through the clear anger that society has recently expressed, we acknowledge that fire cannot be fought with fire. Violence and more pain is not going to stop what is crippling society at present,” says Kate.


A half-day conference allowing women to relay their stories and engage with men in an open forum like never before.
Change can only come by working together. Men and Women need to stand together and call out those who cause harm and distress to other human beings.
We need to highlight, not only the dire cases of rape and murder, but also speak out against instance of abuse. Enough is enough.
The conference will involve domestic violence activists,  victims and survivors of abuse or assault.

 Enough is Enough conference is hosted by UJ Art & Culture in partnership with GOLIATH AND GOLIATH.

All proceeds will be donated to Femme Projects www.femmeprojects.org.za

Conference information:
Date: 14 February 2020
Time: 2PM
Venue: UJ Arts Centre Theatre Kingsway Campus
Donations: Between R50 and R250
Ticket link: https://arts.uj.ac.za/show/ENOUGH/