Afriski is about 3010 meters above sea level and boasts the highest restaurant in Africa. After the drive through the captivating mountain range of Lesotho, you are welcomed by the warm, inviting Austrian feel of the lodges and bars. There is no reason to leave the continent for a skiing holiday, think about it, when last did you do something for the first time?

Winter time is normally unpleasant most people and we find ourselves indoors and under the covers instead of exploring or taking advantage of the weather. South Africa is generally too warm for snow, but you don’t need to go too far for that experience. So pack your bags and put in your leave because it’s time to get ankle deep in the snow and adventure.

Nestled in the mountains of Lesotho is where you can find this wonderland. The place where you get out of your comfort zone, exploring everything a white winter has to offer and create a few great memories. As some of us have never been on skis or a snowboard before, it might seem daunting. No need to worry, Afriski offers instructors who’d give you lessons before your adventurous and daring side takes over. They offer Skiing, snowboarding, bum-boarding, monster-rolling and so much more, and this is your chance to try them all out.

Even if you’re the type who just wants to make a snow angel or sip on some hot chocolate on the deck overlooking the slopes, you’re welcome to, but you’ll be missing out. There are also facilities and hours of fun the little ones. They’ll be kept busy for hours during the winter holidays. So what are you waiting for?