It’s about that time of year when things are building up and feeling a little “too much”. Fortunately, weekends are just long enough to escape the madness of the city and to take a breath. Now the only question is ‘where shall we go’? South Africa is full of hidden gems and we’ve found one just for you.

The Gooderson Kloppenheim Country Estate Hotel, nestled among the hills of Mpumalanga close to Machadodorp is the ideal place to spend your time off! It’s about a three-hour drive from Johannesburg and there are various accommodation options, so you can spend your weekend your way! Pack your bags because you could be making memories very soon!

When you arrive at the estate, you’re captivated by the beauty of its surroundings and once you’re at the reception, you’re greeted with the old world charm of the building and warmth of the Kloppenheim staff. Now, after checking in, it’s off to your room. No matter what you’ve chosen, be it the self-catering lodges, the estate rooms, or the lake-side suits, you’ll be surrounded by breath-taking views and tranquility all weekend long.

Since you now have 48 hours before your drive back, what better way to unwind than to try some of the activities on offer.  Archery and the mountain bike trail should be priorities on your to-do list, and if you haven’t tried fly-fishing before, you’ll see what the fuss is about once you catch your own fish. A lot of people are actually caught off guard when they realise how good they actually are, even though it’s very first time they’ve tried it.

If you’d rather not get involved in the action and cheer from the sidelines, you’re welcome to, but the spa would be more to your liking. The property also has a library, a pub, and a restaurant so you can make yourself comfortable or take long walks around the property at leisure. If you’re worried about kids or nephews and nieces, there are facilities to keep the little ones busy while you make the most of your time off. So grab a drink at the bar or order in and enjoy the golden sky from the stoep of your lake-side suit as the sun sets over an amazing weekend at Kloppenheim.

For more information or to book your weekend away send an email to or give them a call on +27132569148. To see what else is on offer on your side of the country, visit