As the world has honoured women across the globe for International Women’s Day, and Castle Lite celebrated women across the continent by facilitating the biggest ever female Hip-Hop collaboration from the motherland. The aim was to showcase the power when women stand together and fortify unity through music.

South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria were collectively united to do the remix with the likes of Moozlie (South Africa), Gigi Lamayne (South Africa), Rouge (South Africa), Rossa Ree (Tanzania) and Mz Kizz (Nigeria) behind the mic. Castle Lite’s U.N.I.T.Y is more than just “another female Hip-Hop collaboration”, it is a celebration and call, not only to women across the continent but to the rest of the world, to give life to the power of women in unity.

The five artists executed a simultaneous livestream of U.N.I.T.Y.  on Instagram; a first of its kind for the African continent. And speaking ahead of the song performance (livestream), Castle Lite Brand Director Silke Bucker said: “Our ethos has consistently been about pushing boundaries through innovation, and to commemorate this special day, there was no better way for us to unite women than through what is truly our passion point – music.”

Music has the ability to unite people from different backgrounds, and it is through this that we were able to bring our own different styles and individuality to recreate this amazing song with a powerful message.” Added Moozlie