Fifth-generation fine-art jeweller Igal Dahan, designer and president of IGAL DAHAN jewelry, has launched The Winder of Love collection, a new line of fine-art, precious-gemstone pieces. The Winder of Love collection is the latest iteration of the popular Cuffs of Love series that has been distributed in 26 countries. This collection has been worn by celebrities including Elton John, Kim Kardashian, The Hilton Sisters and Matt Damon.

The Winder of Love collection features 36 pieces including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and ring sets crafted from 18K yellow or white gold with some pieces distinguished by diamonds, turquoise and mother of pearl.

Igal said that the inspiration for his unique designs comes from “the beauty on this earth which I bring to the world of jewellery. For example, the natural brilliance of geometric forms and rare gemstones come together beautifully in my new Iconec Collection.”

Creating these pieces take quite a bit of time. “If it’s a new concept, it can take between one year to two years to develop it from a concept to a finished collection. If it’s an additional piece added to a concept that already exists in my collection, it usually takes around three to six months.”

The shapes and designs are purposely chosen to “combine the innate power of the cone with the eternal glamour of diamonds. This result are bold, statement pieces that represent the apex of technical excellence and stylish elegance.”