The LGBTQI+ community in Gauteng has been waiting for an event like For The Boys Brunch for quite a while. Something like this needs to be a staple on our social calendars because it provides an upmarket and engaging environment, where we can have fun, feel safe, and come together.

Thulane Hadebe made some time to chat to us about this Must-Attend event, and the inspiration behind the concept.

“Upon my travels to New York, Miami, Dubai, London and Los Angeles I have been lucky to attend some of the brunches they host, and brunch is an institution” Says Thulane. “Not only is it about the fantastic food and mimosas, the LGBTQ+ focused brunches are a complete experience, and I felt that the South African market was lacking in that respect. I also have taken inspiration from music, film, people I’ve met, experiences I have had all over the world, places I’ve been to, art, media and most of all the colourful people of our diverse community. I have had this vision for years and I want to create this experience to bring our community together.”

Having attended one of these brunches, it’s a given that we’re looking forward to the next few. “I am so overwhelmed by the amazing response I have received from the previous sold out brunches.” says Thulane. “Everyone loves that it is something designed for the LGBTQ community and that it is so eclectic from the patrons that attend.  For The Boys Brunch is a safe space for the LGBTQ community. There has also been a huge demand in Cape Town, and soon their prayers will be answered.”

Each Bruch has been hosted at a different location, that adds to the theme and the feel of the Brunch. “As a consumer of the brunch myself, I want each brunch to be unforgettable and amazing each time” Says Thulane. “I want people to know that when tickets go on sale, it’s a no brainer. It is important to keep it fresh and exciting each time so that it keeps everyone coming for more. There will be more locations hosting For the Boys Brunch soon.”

Even though the name is “For The Boys Brunch”, the brunch is inclusive of all that forms part of our beautiful community, and allies thereof. For The Boys Brunch embraces diversity and equality, and because this will be a pool party, speedos are encouraged!

Tickets are still available. Book HERE.
Hope to see you there!