Spring has sprung and we’re all in a health conscious rut to make sure our summer bodies get the attention they deserve, but what about the more subtle things? We underestimate the power and appeal of a scent, and when it comes to fragrances, we made sure to consult the expert.

Liz Ferrett, affectionately known as the fragrance queen, is a fragrance workshop speaker who takes guests “on a complete journey starting from how to choose, where to spray your fragrance to make it last and where to display your fragrances.” Liz has a few tips and facts to share, to help you stand out above the rest.

  1. The only way to work out what smells good on your skin is to spray it on your skin. It doesn’t matter what skin type you are, it’s always about what makes you feel great. A fragrance is regarded as a pick-me-up and boosts your confidence.
  2. Just as you change your clothing from heavy fabrics and darker colours in winter to less clothing in Spring & Summer with beautiful pastel colours, the same applies to your fragrance. I would recommend wearing an Eau De Parfum in winter and an Eau De Toilette in summer.
  3. The only thing that impacts the smell of a fragrance on your particular skin is firstly your personal preference and your style. There are no hard and fast rules to skin type, it’s all about what speaks to you and what you are wearing and where they are going
  4. There is so much on offer today and I find that I use fragrances across many fragrance families. Ladies, here are my current favorites are Dior J’Adore In Joy, Gucci Bloom, Stella McCartney POP Bluebell, Jimmy Choo L’Eau, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal, Diptyque Philosykos and Kenzo World to name a few.
  5. For men, I’d suggest Cartier L’Envol, Jimmy Choo Ice, Boss Bottled Tonic, Dior Savage, Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. Don’t laugh but Tabac Gentle Men’s Care was launched in 2016 and is fabulous for summer and doesn’t smell like an old man at all.

For more great tips and everything related to fragrances follow Liz on Twitter @Fragrance_Queen. You can also catch her on Hot 91.9 FM every Sunday as she discusses fragrances, brands and much more.Fragrance tips for Spring