Weightloss is a journey we all find ourselves on at some point in our lives and it’s not easy going ‘from fat to fit’. Natasha Kisten-Skuce aka FitLikeMommy is a blogger and the new Face and Body ambassador for  Fibo Global Fitness Africa.

Natasha is an unadulterated, no-holds-barred blogger who has chosen to write about her journey from fat to fit. Her honest approach to fitness, health and wellness has meant that Natasha has been able to connect and inspire a variety of people who are on their own fitness journeys.

“After a health scare in December 2016, I found out I was chronically ill and made the decision to embark on a weight loss journey.” says Natasha. “Having lost 15kg within 10 months my journey very quickly progressed from one of weight loss to one of fitness. I honestly  believe that fitness found me.  It’s been a saving grace in so many respects and it’s something I am now extremely passionate about.  Living to inspire was never on my initial agenda, but I’ve found this to be the best and most rewarding part of my journey.”

For some fitness is a ‘must’ but others feel that their fine with how they look and make no effort to change it. “I very rarely encounter this, however I’m amazed and in awe of people who are happy with themselves.  I am all about practising self-love and preaching that people should love the skin they are in.  This is an empowering and radical place to be in one’s life” says Natasha. “There is however a fine line between being in denial and being self-accepting.  Though we are not defined by our weight, it’s important for people to understand that the focus needs to be on one’s health and well-being.”

Not having any dependants is one dynamic, but fitness and the health aspects that are attributed to this kind of lifestyle surely have a strong impact on your life, especially as a parent. Natasha believes that her “role as a mom was the initial motivator to become fit and healthy.  The fact that I was chronically ill, was a rude awaking to the fact that my kids stood the risk of growing up without me.  I couldn’t let that happen.  Having a newly restored health status has allowed me to live life to the fullest with my boys.  We live an extremely active lifestyle and I no longer have to sit out due to exceeding weight restrictions at certain events or simply being fatigued” she says.

“Staying motivated daily is a huge obstacle, but from my own personal experience, I strongly recommend rather setting smaller goals” recommends Natasha. “It’s also vital to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will celebrate your victories and lift you up when things get tough.  Your plan to beat the bulge needs to fit into yourself and it definitely needs to work for you. There are no quick fixes for weight loss, so be consistent and persevere and remember that one’s mind-set is the ultimate challenge. It’s all about Progress and not Perfection.”

Being the Face and Body ambassador for  Fibo Global Fitness Africa at their lifestyle and fitness show (from Friday 26 October to Sunday 28 October 2018) at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, opens up a large amount of possibilities for Natasha. The title also “means having a larger platform advocating  the principles mentioned above to teach people what self-love and self-acceptance in its entirety is” she says.

Me being the Face & Body of FIBO, is really about breaking stereotypes.  It’s about showing the world that FITNESS is not determined by the number on the scale and not a specific body type or shape. It is about showing people that we should all be prioritising ourselves and our health, which will inadvertently allow us to live our best lives.  This will in turn benefits our loved ones in the most incredibly way, as we all know that you can’t pour from an empty cup.  I am living proof that anyone can find their FIT in FITness.”