Having first encountered Khanyisa Bunu on stage, it was not hard to picture her on set, in front of the camera making audiences around the country laugh. But with a mic in hand, she is a comedic genius who we all need to keep our eyes on!

Khanyisa Bunu Comedy, The Vibe ZA

When did you start doing comedy and how did you discover it?
I started doing comedy in 2009 after taking part in a reality show on SABC 1 ‘So you think you are funny’ After being eliminated in the top 6 of the competition, I realized I had it in me to pursue it as a career.

What does your family say about this new career path? 
My family has accepted it now. My mother was a bit concerned in the beginning because I had left a stable teaching job for a career that has no guarantees. But as soon she saw that I was doing well she fully supported it.

What has been most challenging for you within your comedy career?
My challenge has been like any other comic’s challenge, getting stagetime so as to showcase my talent. Things are slowly changing but there is still a long was to go.

What has been your biggest achievement in comedy thus far?
I still cannot chose which one is bigger: Opening for Trevor Noah in 2017 or being the World Champion in the Delphic Comedy Championships in 2017 with comedians from over 18 countries around the world.

Who is your favorite comedian and why?
My favourite comedian has to be Eugene Khoza. I think we have the same style of comedy, he keeps it witty and clean as well.

What can we expect from you in the next few months to a year? 
Expect my One Woman Show on 30th March in Menlyn and also a movie that I am currently producing which I hope to take to cinemas. I think its gonna be a bomb.