Christmas is around the corner and stores have already started putting up lights and decorations in anticipation of eager shoppers looking for great deals. This year South Africa has been through quite a few up’s and downs and because life happens when we least expect it, our pockets are tight. This is why we need a practical gift guide to get us through this season.

  1. Gift Cards – Sometimes they can help and other times it’s clear that you couldn’t afford much, so when you give someone a gift card, make it worthwhile. Gift cards to Woolies or Checkers are great because even if you only put R250 on the card, there is a lot to choose from. No one wants to feel obligated to buy from Zara because they’ve received a R250 gift card, and still can’t afford much in the store.
  2. Shop online – If you know what size someone wears, you’re bound to strike it lucky with online deals. Even if it’s not a clothing item, but if you know where to look, you could find quite a few items below retail value and have it delivered as a surprise.
  3. Be spontaneous – Ask them to meet you somewhere for coffee then lead them to the spa where you’ve booked them a treatment. Make it extra special by asking management to give them flowers or leave a bottle of bubbles for them to enjoy. If you’re able to, why not make a booking for two and spoil yourself in the process.
  4. Recycle – You know that one clothing item, bag or pair of sunglasses that you’re friend always asks you for, and you don’t really like it but you might use it one day, or ‘it was really expensive’, well that’s what you’re going give them! Chances are you’re not going to miss it when it’s gone, so why not make someone’s day by wrapping it nicely and giving it away.
  5. WHAT NOT TO DO – Don’t buy something you “think” someone would want, rather play it safe and ask them what are the 5 top things they’d like, then take it from there. No one wants two coffee machines or an item that they’re going to keep in the cupboard. Consider doing, making or commissioning something special. That sort of sentiment always makes has a good impact.