Take off your shoes and soak your feet for a little while. Would you like some coffee, tea, whiskey or a beer while you get spoilt? Well, while you’re rewarding yourself for the long hours on your feet so you might as well enjoy the hospitality at Sorbet Man Benmore in Sandton.

As men we’re always sceptical about trying treatments conventionally labelled as an activity for the ladies. You don’t always realise what you’re missing until you give it a try. Then once you’ve got the therapist using the foot scrub, you realise that the typical excuse; I have sensitive feet, doesn’t apply anymore.

So sit down and just relax. If you’re not someone who’d want the therapist to use a foot file, the Medi-Oedi has your name on it. Instead of using the conventional tools your therapist will be using an alkaline wash to remove the dead skin from your feet. This is actually quite popular and the best solution for restoring those cracked ankles and giving them new life.

Pedicures support blood circulation and the massage element is a highlight. The day after your treatment is when you realise the value of a new experience and letting yourself enjoy a well-deserved treat. To make your booking Click Here!