We’re always looking for new food to try, places that’ll grab our attention and an offering that will appeal to our different moods. Johannesburg already offers so much, but one place that’ll stimulate that appetite is Melrose Arch as it welcomes two new restaurants.

The Grillhouse and Sushi Burrito & Co have opened their doors and if you’re already familiar with the concept and offering of a steakhouse, don’t write The Grillhouse off till you’ve tried their special platter comprising ribs (beef or pork), lamb cutlets, boerewors and beef kebab; a chicken platter made up of peri-peri drumsticks and wings, breasts, kebabs, chicken wors, peri-peri livers and crumbed strips, or a seafood platter.

When I first heard the words ‘sushi burrito’ I thought of an American genius who has revolutionised these two dishes to bring us a cross-over east-meets-west combination that is the first of its kind in Johannesburg. As we can’t assume it’s origins, we’ll discover it’s offering starting with the tostado bites. The Mexican version of an open sandwich, a tostado bite is a crispy taco treat loaded with salmon sashimi, prawn and wasabi guacamole, yakitori chicken, spicy tuna or surimi crab sticks with cucumber spaghetti, caviar and teriyaki sauce.

Sushi will always have its place in every society and this is definitely an experience worth the try. If you’d be willing to take a look and rather go for something sweet try the Nutella and banana-filled fried wonton, or if you’d prefer a traditional dessert with a twist, try the green tea, ginger and lychee or chocolate, cinnamon and chilli ice cream.

Sushi Burrito & Co is very different from the usual run of Asian restaurants and we’re thrilled to be one of the first in South Africa offering this type of cuisine,” says Jad Jarmakani, co-owner of Sushi Burrito & Co. They aim to keep the offering at Sushi Burrito Co healthy.

So the next time you’re around Melrose Arch, you don’t have to take too long to decide what’s for lunch. Visit The Grillhouse and Sushi Burrito & Co store or check them out online.