The term ‘summer bodies’ is about to blow up one more time as spring approaches. For those who have signed up to their nearest gyms, you know exercise isn’t enough, it’s that morning routine that helps you look and feel good. No gym bag will be complete without these Proudly South African essentials:

Let’s start with your shower and shave. We’re all looking for that quick and easy solution and Sorbet Man has exactly that. We dub the 3-in-1 shower gel a Hat-Trick Clean Up: a triple shot of refreshing shower power, for the guy that prefers things in threes… Mild enough to use on hair, face and body – all at the same time. This 3-in-1 body wash will fast-track your grooming skills to a zesty fresh A++.

For your shave, wet your face and neck with warm water. Apply a generous amount of Sorbet Man Razor Glide shave gel onto your fingers and rub in a circular motion onto your beard ending in an upward stroke to lift the hair off the skin. Shave and rinse off. It’s that simple to get your day going.

The African Extract Rooibos Daily Repair Facial oil is the advantage your face has been hoping for. This non-greasy treatment oil helps to reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots and protects skin from environmental damage. With the antioxidant power of Bio-Active Rooibos, vitamins and essential oils of geranium, German chamomile, rose, lavender and neem seed, this advanced, 100% natural derived lightweight oil helps reduce the signs of damage caused by environmental and lifestyle stress. Ideal skin that needs daily renewal and a brighter, more even skin tone.

For those men who prefer to be clean shaven every morning, avoiding  ingrown hairs and razor bumps and burn has been the biggest challenge. No one wants to spend the day dealing with irritated or inflamed skin, so why not use fino smooth post shave and wax balm or the fino bump control.

Dermatologically and clinically tested, FINO Soothe is non-irritating and can be used anywhere on your body. Face, beard, under arms, legs, bikini line, you name it. This super-effective balm gently removes dead skin, helps fight bacteria and frees trapped hair, before it becomes a problem. Regular daily use will keep your skin smooth and bump-free.

Bramley Best Feet is the new herbal foot range is specially formulated to soothe and rejuvenate exhausted feet. This cooling, minty foot cream and powder will get your feet in tip top condition. The Bramley Best Feet Cream (75 ml) retails at about R 12.99 and the Best Feet Powder (100g) at R 13.99. They’re suitable for all skin types, and helps control foot odour and rapidly absorbs excess moisture, leaving the skin feeling fresh.

All products are enriched with Vitamin E and Bio Pharm Oil to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Bramley products are not tested on animals and contain only approved cosmetic grade ingredients and FDA approved colourants. Only pure goodness and the best care for you.

What more do you need? You’re covered from head to toe and you’re summer body will be take care of, now to work on those healthy eating habits, or we could wait for January, the festive season is fast approaching after all.