Hello Tomato is a new pizzeria bringing the taste of Italy to the heart of Johannesburg. It’s “A concept conceived in Italy, inspired by New York and born in Johannesburg” said says John Khoury.

Launched in November 2015, Gerry Thomas of John and Gerry’s brands created Hello Tomato to revolutionise the fast-casual dining experience in South Africa. “Our mantra is to make authentic pizza and pasta, following age-old Italian methods. With an authentically Italian base product, we then add a very modern and uniquely South African appeal in the form of our toppings and creative combinations” adds Khoury.

It is diverse in it’s flavours and presentation. They have both “gourmet” dishes along with plainer ones for the more selective eater, including; cheesy pizzas,  pasta, generous pasta bakes, flavourful chicken dishes and crispy fresh salads.

They have unique Pizza flavors and combinations, with pizzas like the Ciao Sausage, which is a typical tomato base with mozzarella cheese, topped with authentic Italian salsiccia, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion and smoked mozzarella cheese. The Holy Shiitake is a pizza topped with exotic mushrooms, sundried tomato, artichokes, olive paste, rocket and balsamic glaze.

They have an exclusive dessert to add to their overwhelming delicious menu. Introducing the frozen custard, a dense, rich and creamy taste
experience. Swirl things up with the selections of frozen custard concretes, with chunky mix-ins of Oreo cookies, flaked chocolate, banana or peanut brittle blended with a decadent fudge, chocolate hazelnut, Tiramisu or
caramel infused sauce.

Hello Tomato is perfect for those wanting a chilled night in or those wanting to go out and have some great food. You can take away or eat there. They have great staff to accompany their magnificent food, which indeed makes the place that much more appealing.

If you want to Visit your nearest Hello Tomato to dig into fresh Italian-inspired food, situated
in three locations – Riverside Shopping Centre, Mall of Africa and Kyalami Corner Shopping Centre.

For more information on Hello Tomato, visit www.hellotomato.co.za, or follow @HelloTomato_SA on Twitter and Hello Tomato SA on Facebook.