The conventional game drive has been done so many times that you want to break away from what everyone else does and fit in with the natural surroundings, so why not do it on horseback?

Did you know that when horses take to the trail, the other animals feel less threatened. They rarely see the person, but mainly focus on the horse. The smell of the horse also masks your odour, so leave the Jeep behind saddle up!

The Carousel Casino north of Pretoria can offer you this. Why not be romantic and take to the trail to watch the sunrise, or to see it go down. There is a wonderful picnic spot that’ll be perfect to settle in to with a picnic basket of your choice.

If you’re worried about the horses, then just relax. They feel your anxiety, so remember to keep your weight on your heels, and not in your butt, that way you balance out and keep sturdy.

You can ride for 30min to an hour, or even two if you want to. There is a great hotel that you can also book into, so leave all the work behind and do a game drive on houseback.