Have you ever wondered how your clothing is developed, from the concept to when you buy the product in your favorite Soviet the store? The development of each product is taken through a process. When you look at the tag, it isn’t just there to assure you of the products authenticity, it gives you more detail than you might think.

At Soviet they first and foremost consider the customer and their needs. Quality denim is always important and so is the stitching. They believe that each product needs to be developed with pride and their staff have to have a passion for what they’re doing, so you can expect affordability, quality and style.

Each season is inspired by international and local trends, as well as what’s happening on the runways across the globe. They remain on-trend and on par with the biggest names in the industry. So if you’re looking for stretch or durability, you’re sure to find a match.

Soviet is a denim brand and have spent years perfecting their products to suit each consumer. They have three ranges, or as they refer to them, three lifestyles of denim. Each lifestyle adapted to a different kind of person. The firsts is Authentic, for the person who wants a fashionable product that can still be dressed up when needed. It’s a 5-pocket jean with a red swing-tag.

Next is the Edge lifestyle which was made for the younger market, they have more sandblasting, more defined 3D creasing, zips, drop-crotches and naturally the signature green tape used to identify this lifestyle.

Then they have the Premium lifestyle, made for those who are more comfortable with a higher price point and want the leather patch, the Italian tape and the high-end feel. But no matter which lifestyle you prefer, all of them have nuances that are unique to Soviet.

Each pair of jeans has posted seems, which means they are double-folded and strengthen the garment. Flat stitching and overlocking aren’t always best at stress points on a jean. They have salvage loops, which most of us don’t notice. Each jean has triple needle stitching, different optics on them as well as double-turn which you only notice when you turn the garment inside out and appreciate the neatness of the handiwork.

Next time you walk out of the store with a new pair of Soviet jeans, take a minute to look at the buttons they’ve used, the type of denim, the fit, and naturally the name of your new companion. As consumers we develop and change, and it’s great to see one of our favorite brands are on-trend with us, each season.