Every restaurant has its own unique touch but have you ever been to a burger joint with this much flavour and variety? Going to Hudson’s means discovering something new every time. Each visit allows you to be adventurous and coming a regular is always a good sign.

My latest visit particularly sparked my interest as I’m normally indecisive. I was looking for something particular that I could really enjoy without feeling ‘stuck’ with what I’ve ordered. I then chose the TriBeCa, a selection of three sliders from the menu.

Each one was different. One had mozzarella and mushrooms on it, the other avo, feta and bacon, and the last with chilli, tomato relish, biltong shavings and cream cheese. Without being tied to having a side with my order, I opted not to order anything else and rather enjoyed my generous cocktail which was half-price on the happy-hour special.

The fruity and sweet berry and gin combination, surprised me as it was presented in a French-press, which added something unique to the experience. My friend had a strawberry daiquiri which was so generous that she struggled to finish it even though she only had a Calzocini which was also half-price with the other starters during happy-hour.

I look forward to exploring the other options on the menu. No matter what you’re interested in Hudson’s will surprise and intrigue your taste buds.