When we think of a spa, we always expect the same treatments, and we’re rarely surprised by something more holistic like the steam room, part of the hydro-spa package. This is perfect before any massage.

Massage is the manipulation of the muscles so that there can be an equilibrium within the body. Water has healing powers so when you’re tense and going for a treatment, get your muscles supple by spending 45min in the steam shower says Tshepo Mdake from the Shangilia boutique spa.

If you’d like to sit or stand, the seat can take up to 120kg but if you prefer to sit on the floor, you’re also welcome to. Essential oils are added to the steam shower experience so as you inhale the vapour they give off their healing properties. Depending on why you’ve come for a treatment, you’d get lavender for relaxation or Camomile for fatigue for example, and often 20min into the session you’re already falling asleep. 

This shower is also high-tech. There is a music element, a conventional shower element and the steamer. Forget your conventional treatment, let the healing power of water help you on your journey to wellbeing.

If this isn’t for you, you can try something else. Lie on your back and enjoy the water falling on your pressure points like rain, or Stand in the shower where concentrated jets target specific areas to provide you with much-needed relief. Try it today, you won’t look back. For other treatments click here.