Underwear has developed so much over the centuries, from being a piece of cloth covering sensitive areas, to what we new now know to be stylish undergarments that give us comfort, support and naturally accentuate our hidden. Bulge & Bum, a new local brand on the scene, are offering sexy underwear and swimwear.

Their two founders, Kobus and Hannes, always had an interest in underwear, and were tired of having to import bespoke male underwear, waiting months and paying ridiculous import tax making it unfeasible to buy. And after months of research, design and carefully examining the inner and outer male form (aka Bulge & Bum) lead to the creation of proudly South African “indulge your bulge” line.

The only debate between them was what is more important, the bulge or the bum? They couldn’t decide, so they incorporated both ideas and created underwear that would always accentuate the bulge and create a “peachy” butt.

When they create, they consider that “Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning – it’s what is underneath that counts. It’s all about the layers we add, so when your first layer is sexy, fun and comfortable, you are guaranteed to already have a good start to your day!”

Their ranges are a perfect blend of locally made Lycra, Elastane and Polyester wrapped up with a silk woven elastic and complimented with a lifting pouch that keep your best parts feeling and looking as good as you do.

The pair behind Bulge & Bum believed underwear should be treated with the reverence it deserves – especially if you consider what men years ago had to adorn their bits with. “Be thankful the days of fig leaves, loincloths and Y-fronts are over. As impressive as it is that the average fig leaf is about 8-inches long, Generation Adam had a torrid time of it. Where was the support? Comfort? Style? The family jewels deserve better”, say Bulge & Bum creators, Kobus and Hannes.

They have created something out of the ordinary. Funky, interesting, fun and bright are some of the adjectives that came to mind. “It was also important for us to do something no one else has ever done before. We will continue to push ourselves out of the box to ensure that our clients are excited to see what we bring out next.”