We’re not all lucky enough to design our own pair of shoes, but we are lucky enough to try on and own a pair of kicks that created by one of our favourite local artists! Anga Makubalo, aka Naak Musiq, and Soviet Denim have collaborated to create the Anga sneaker that are available for pre-order. 

Anga credits Soviet for the design process, saying “… the Soviet team had a lot to do with the design I would say that i had influence in the colour choice and the shoe mold selection. This is my kind of shoe.”

This opportunity doesn’t easily cross someones path and in his experience he’s “always wanted a sneaker range, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to go out a collab on making this a reality.”

Having mastered their industry Soviet was a fantastic partner for this kind of collaboration. “There really wasn’t anything challenging, as the Soviet team steered the ship, they took my ideas and translated them into what you see now. It was a team effort and it paid off” says Anga. 

If you haven’t preordered your pair, you’ll be missing out as “People love it. I’ve been getting tagged on social media platforms everyday by my fans, friends and family showing me their purchases and love the the sneaker. I’m happy” comments Anga.

When you put on your pair of Anga sneakers remember that you “are wearing a life long dream of mine … and that I appreciate it.”