Yoga is a fitness phenomenon that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. While many use it for its healing benefits, quite a few people have found that it’s helped them grow their social media following, and has even led them to become brand ambassadors for athletic brands by simply promoting leading a healthy lifestyle just as Jasmine Sehlako has done.

The former Miss SA contestant has completed her 200hr yoga qualification and has since offered free yoga classes at Zoo Lake. She has recently started shooting videos of her yoga poses in the most unorthodox locations around Johannesburg, like the bustling Noord taxi rank, the Fourways Farmer Market, and the iconic Vilakazi Street just to name a few. Her incredible videographer Maq who shoots her videos has dedicated his free time to bring her new found passion to life.

Yoga is known to be a meditative and healing practice stemming from ancient India, and Jasmine says that she cannot count the number of ways yoga has helped her especially in becoming more grounded. Her unconventional way of doing things is really making her stand out in our conservative society.

“Fitness is a way to take care of yourself, to be your best.” When you do so “you feel good and confident and you give off good vibes. Nothing is more attractive than a person who loves themselves fully, not in a conceited way but in pure appreciation of themselves.” the former Miss SA contestant says. “Always start by taking care of yourself first, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you need to remain full.”