Jason Goliath has teamed up with Red Heart to show South Africa what it means to live with Heart. It’s not easy for everyone to be daring, we’re often stuck in our comfort zones but “the problem with this is that we often do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. I believe that good things in life happen you make different choices, are authentic and live boldly – both in the big ways and small ways. At least that’s how it has worked for me.” says Jayson.

Living with Heart means being open to doing new things, to “see the opportunities around you and bravely take them. I believe in this way of living so strongly” says Jayson, “that when Red Heart Rum asked if I wanted to help them prove it, I jumped right in. Together we decided to do a real-world experiment we’ve coined The Heart Effect – where we aim to prove to all South Africans that when you live with heart, rewards follow. Kwesta, Jean-Marc and I are going undercover to let people know what they’re missing out on if they don’t spot the gaps. All will be revealed on the 24 October.

Being a successful comedian and business owner takes a lot of Heart. These are skills not everyone has, but everyone is able to Live with Heart in their own way. “I like to think I live with heart in almost everything I do. Aside from the brave choices I make in business and behind the microphone. I have been using the hashtag #LoveMyLife for 6 years. The purpose of the hashtag is not to brag about my life, but to remind myself every day that I need to chase my dreams and be happy.  I recently asked my long-term girlfriend, Sian Bailey, to marry me. Now, that’s also living with heart.

We can’t all be brave all at once, but Jason recommends these ways to Live with Heart;
1. Chase Your Happy! Understand what actually makes you happy. Most people look at other people and what makes them happy instead of investigating and understanding their own happiness.
2. When you understand what you want, you can plan accordingly – plotting out the plan getting your closer to your goals, dreams and happiness. Then…
3. Do a little bit every day using “choice” and “consequence” as your guide. Make the right decisions towards happiness – and learn from the bad decisions and move forward – always move forward.