The music industry is not for the faint of heart as it requires a lot of hard work, many long hours and naturally, pure talent. Joshua The I AM is a young creative and multi-talented music producer, songwriter and recording artist who is going to be big.

We first saw him on the Vuzu Hustle Season 2 finishing as the runner-up and it’s clear that his versatility will serve him well in this industry. We took some time to get to know the artist behind the name,  answering some of the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

Joshua The I AM describes himself as a creative being. “I find art in every part of life and try to be living art. I’m a dreamer, so if I do ever have creative blocks I try to sleep it off. If that doesn’t work then travelling is the best way to get inspiration and so is meeting new people and just experiencing real life.”

Hip Hop is a dynamic and multi-layered culture in SA, it is a movement as has inspired many young people in our country, Joshua The I Am included. “The fact that as a culture we’re growing as rapidly as we are is pleasing and to be a part of it is a blessing. I think that Hip Hop is the biggest influence on Pop Culture at the moment, as someone who is considered to be part of the next generation of the culture, inspiration comes naturally.”

Inspiration is the driving force to being original and enticing your audience with something new. Though a lot of music may simply sound catchy, there is always a connection to be made with the artist. “The message I try to convey in my music is purely that as the new generation of kids in South Africa, we’re free to express ourselves as we please without any restrictions. I want to inspire this generation to be open minded but most of all to have fun.”

As Joshua The I Am is on the rise, he has quite a few dreams and a whole lot of ambition too. “There are so many amazing artists in Africa and I’d love to work with as many artists as possible. At the top of my list would be AKA. Personally, I never want to be a ‘one hit wonder’. Sometimes artists have a huge hit that they can’t top because people know the song but not the artist. I think individuality in the industry is important to form an occult following that believes in you as an artist in everything you do.”


His motto in life is “if it’s not growing, then it’s probably dead. Keep growing. Every day a new challenge presented itself on The Hustle. I’d be foolish to not take in as much from it as possible. In the end, I’ve become a better artist and getting the recognition from the people I aspire to like, inspires me to keep growing.

If his personality is perception is anything to go by, Joshua The I Am is an artist to keep your eyes on over the next few years. On a recent Facebook post he had this to say “I just turned 22 and I’m living my dreams, you wouldn’t believe everything that I’ve seen.. and I guess I just smile every time I think that I know what it means.”

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