It’s SA Fashion week time and with all the new collections taking to the runway we decided to look at one designer particularly, JudithAtelier.

Judith describes herself as being “small town girl, pushing towards success in the fashion industry. I believe that taking risks is the only way to make it out alive and to hold on to my passion to ‘create’ will keep me determined. My work is my everyday life, it’s what I do; it’s what I love; I believe it can make a difference.”

How does one describe the JudithAtelier Style except as high end women’s wear clothing. “As for every brand it takes quite some time to create a certain “handwriting” which the industry and public can relate to. As a designer it has taken me 3 years to develop that ‘handwriting’, something different and something we are all very proud of at the Judith Atelier studio.

The work that is put into every garment is evident, “from exclusive hand printing luxurious fabrics, unique fabric development to exquisite hand detailing. It is “the epitome of feminine sophistication” as I’ve once heard. Fashion is such a powerful and expressive source of communication which is why Judith Atelier’s focus is on empowering women, celebrating the beauty of the inner creative self without boundaries.”

When we think fashion, we thing of tends and seasons, but Judith doesn’t conform to the ‘ordinary’. “As a fashion designer, it might sound strange, but I do not really follow the “latest trends”… I will look at the “framework” for the upcoming season and make it my own. I’ve never been someone who would follow what others do or say should be done, I want to be the best resemblance of myself and that’s how I also see my design style. I’ll get inspiration from the earth, colours, nature and society in general.”

When making a garment, a designer always has a particular element which they consider the most important. Judith considers the first part, the thought given to the construction of a garment to be that element. She believes in details, finishes and the quality.

“Everything happens for a reason” is her motto. “After one door is shut there is always another one that will open which will lead you on a better path of success. Take RISKS, great things never came from comfort zones.”

Looking towards the future and the brand new Spring Summer 2017 Collection at SA Fashion Week Judith is excited to have her collection in stores by September and on Spree online. “Our new Winter Collection for 2017 is available in April in specific stores and on Spree and though she has “many plans and goals, Rome was not build in one day. The next goal is to take Judith Atelier internationally to attend various fashion week events, showcasing and supplying exquisite collections to international buyers. As for now I have big dreams for opening a “Judith Atelier” boutique in the Witzenberg area, in the Western Cape, but it will happen at the right time on the right moment.”

Visit her site and find out more!