You can’t always get away from everything that stresses you. Be it money, time, transport or your commitments that keep you from clearing your head, you always need some sort of ‘happy place’.

Every city is full of places and spaces normally crowded by people on a mission to get things done. However, we need to find something to do or somewhere to go to clear all the ‘business’ in our heads or to just breathe.

Being alone normally helps. Whether you’re walking in the park or on the beach enjoying the fresh air or taking a jog around the neighbourhood, it is important to take time to yourself to reflect or introspect.

Choose an activity that doesn’t require your full attention. If you’re like me and you can go to your nearest ice rink, then do it. Just being able to skate around and not focus on anything but the music is wonderful. There is a feeling of freedom, somewhat like flying. Removing yourself from the hustle and bustle is key, so just choose a quiet time to go.

Stop thinking and over analysing it all. Go see a movie or a theatre production. Get lost in the emotion and the meaning and get transported into someone else’s world. It’s the ideal ‘break’ from convention but could also give you perspective on your life, depending on what you choose to see.

Pick up something with pages and turn your ‘flight mode’ feature on. Holding something in your hands and investing in well-constructed words stimulates something that a WhatsApp or Facebook post never will. Enjoy what you’re reading and don’t restrict yourself to 140 characters when you don’t have to.