Set in the largest Indian suburb in South Africa, Chatsworth plays home to this typical romantic comedy directed by Jayan Moodley.

The movie starts off with a rivalry between two high school friends Nemesis Shanti Naidoo (Maeshni Naicker) and Jennifer Kandasamy (Jailoshni Naidoo) and their teenagers who are secretly in a relationship. The relationship between Shanti’s son Prishen Naidoo and Jennifers daughter Jodi Kandasamy (Mishqah Parthiephol) is revealed when Jennifer spots the two lovers making out behind the reception venue of a wedding that the two families were invited too.

Stunned by her discovery Jennifer approaches Shanti about the relationship, and the mothers then embark on a conspiracy to end the relationship. With all their plotting Shanti and Jennifer’s relationship is unwittingly rekindled through the conspiracy.

KUWTK is a fresh non-stereotypical take of two contrasting Indian families. The film is a must see as it offers tasteful comedy with moments of true emotion and honesty. KUWTK opens up in theaters March 3rdMake your booking now.