La Santa Muerte is a lovely small gothic looking, rough-around-the-edges restaurant which prides itself with Mexican cuisine. It is located on one of Johannesburg’s coolest eatery strips, 7th Street in Melville.

I have to confess that I fell in love with this restaurant the first time I read a review about it because I’m a sucker for Mexican food. The first time I dinned here was very pleasant, however when we returned for the second time it was a bit of a let-down.

My friend and I went past there for dinner after work, it was a Tuesday evening and we ordered Tacos (both hard and soft shells) with various fillings. Those were the best tacos I’ve had in years. After we had those memorable tacos, we ordered some churros which were not ‘all that’.

While we were dining we had margaritas and Coronas. The shaken margarita hit the spot, it was made just right. I just had to keep having more because they were so good.

The overall service the first time I dinned here was very good, the waitress was very friendly, not too overbearing yet very attentive. The second time we dined here, we got served by the same waiter yet we got the crappiest of service. I guess it wasn’t our day…or hers…

La Santa is a very lovely restaurant that produces very good quality Mexican food, I will be dinning there again despite the lousy service we had on our last visit. Looking on the bright side, the food and drinks made up for the waitresses short comings.